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ISBN : 9781922806383
Format : Paperback
Number Of Pages : 320
Available : 30th August 2022
Publisher : Affirm


Cut is a thrilling, provocative novel set against the backdrop of a major Melbourne hospital’s surgical team in the time before #metoo blew the lid off institutionalised misogyny and sexism (and will appeal to readers of Love & Virtue and Emotional Female).

Carla is a young doctor striving to become the first female surgeon at a prestigious Melbourne hospital. When a consultant post opens up, she competes with her lover for the job and thinks she can be judged on merit.

But an assault after a boozy workplace dinner leaves her traumatised and struggling to cope with the misogyny coming from every corner of her workplace.

Recovering her fragmented memories from that night, Carla begins a fight for justice that will shake the foundations of the hospital she loves.


Susan White

Susan White

Susan is a doctor who writes
fiction for adults and young adults. Meet the author